Chapter 5 Focused Review


across, over, after


All-gone, depleted, expired, “run out of”

allow, may, let, permit

alone, only

announce, declare, proclaim, tell everyone

Appear, pop-up, showup

applause (1)

applause (2)

arrive, reach, get to

attracted to

become, get

benefit, advantage, gain, profit, credit, pros

bother, annoy, bug

breakdown, collapse, disassemble, fall apart, cave in, deconstruct

career, line of work, major, field, main, primary


contact, reach

continue, endure, last, permanent, constant, consistent, remain, move on, keep on

curious, "I wonder"

darn! drat! shoot!

decrease, go down (1)

decrease, go down (2)

disconnect, detach, release, turn loose

discuss, debate, talk about

enjoy, appreciate, enjoyment, “take pleasure in”

enough, adequate, sufficient, abundant, plenty

enter, entrance, “go into”, into, access

escape, get away, flee, run away

fall behind

finish, done, already

flow (liquid)

get along, move on, forward, proceed

get up

give up, sacrifice, surrender, forfeit

gossip, rumor

guilt, conscience

habit, custom, accustom, tradition, used to, practice, routine

happen, incident, occur, when, while, during, once upon a time, transpire, take place

Hard of Hearing

have, own, posses

include, involve, altogether, incorporate

incompetent, dumb, moron, thick-skulled, unskilled

inform, information, let know, news, notify, report, enlighten


jail, prison, penitentiary, dungeon, detention center, cage

jot down

leave, depart (1)

leave, depart (2)

lights off

lost, misplace

low esteem

meeting, convention, session, conference, service (church), gathering, assembly, summit, forum

melt, dissolve, evaporate, solution, goes away, resolve, thaw, defrost, vanish, fade, cure


owe, debt, afford, due, deadline


postpone, delay, put off, defer, reschedule

print, publish, newspaper


reduce, lessen

return, back

revenge, get back at, get even with, vengeance, avenge, retribution, repay

roommate, match, fit

secretary (1)

secretary (2)

self-control, suppress, feelings, "hold back"

senior citizen

sex (1)

sex (2)

sex (3)


snitch, tattle, "tell on"

social worker


support, allegiance, advocate, back, pull for, sponsor, stand behind, uphold, going for, rooting for, reinforce


take up, adopt

very, so, sure, true, real


volunteer, apply, candidate

what's up, event

with, accompany