Focused Review: Chapter 32

advertise, ad, promote, publicize, commercial, propaganda

attempt, try, effort, endeavor

behind, back up

bury, cemetery, grave

celebrate, victory, anniversary

closed down, foreclosure, out of business, shut down

conversation, talk with

convince, persuade

crippled, lame

directly, straight

emphasize, stress, impress

endure, put up with, patience

exaggerate, long time

explain, directions, describe

farm, agriculture

flexible, plastic

freeze, numb, paralyze


hotel, motel, inn

insult, put down, offensive

kneel, protestant

make up, make believe, invent, create, pretend

mock, make fun of, ridicule

parade, procession, march

poison, venomous

precious, treasure, dear

promote, advance, high

quote, subject. theme, title, topic

rejected, denied

review (1)

review (2)

spoil, ruin, rotten, expire

steal, rob, theft

supervise, take care of, watch, look after

suspend, hold up, pause


treatment, therapy

trust, confidence, faith

vacant, bare, empty, space, available

war, battle

withdraw, pull out