Chapter 25 Focused Review

argue, fight, quarrel

arrive, reach, get to

assume, guess, estimate, miss

conceited, arrogant, proud

contact, reach

deposit, down payment


facial expression

feeble minded, senile, air head


goal, objective, aim

grass, hay

gulp, oops, awkward

gut feeling, instinct

habit, get used to, accustom, tradition

heartfelt, touching, impactful

honest, frank, sincere, truth

ignore, disregard, neglect

institute, residential school, Saint Augustine

invent, create, devise, make up, improvise, pretend

jealous, envious

lousy, lame, sucks

main, major, line of work, profession, trade

match, roommate



natural, of course, nature, normal, nation

no clue, no idea, don’t know (1 or 2 hands)

often, frequently


pressure, stress

profit, benefit, gain, advantage

proof, evidence

publish, print, newspaper


realize, detect, notice, spot

recently, just, lately

recess, break, half-time

revenge, get even with, pay back

ruin, expire


seal, approve, authorize, amen

shape, figure, form, image, sculpture, statue, idol

signature, autograph

sort, organize, plan, prepare

string, wire, rope

technology, technically, technique

try, effort, attempt, endeavor

vacation, holiday, retire, time-off, idle

video record, camcorder