Chapter 24 Focused Review

Almost, nearly

Argument, strife, fight

Build, construct

Bury, cemetery

Catch, apprehend, capture

Crippled, lame

Depressed, miserable

Except, unique, special

Expand on

Fall in love

Fill out, “list”


Friendly, pleasant, cool

From time to time

Go ahead, proceed, onward, forward, get along with

Gossip, rumor



Highway, freeway, interstate

Honest, truth

Ignore, neglect



Investigate, check, look into, research

Magazine, brochure, pamphlet, flyer, manual

Meat, beef, content, steak, substance

Military, army

Mooch, leech off of, freeload

Named, called

Parade, march, procession

Policy, principle

Print, publish, newspaper

Repair, fix

Review, go over (1st way)

Review, go over (2nd way)

Short, soon, temporary, brief

Show, illustrate, represent, demonstrate, example, symbol, model

Sick of, annoyed, bothered

Still, yet, even so

Story, narrate, comment, message (1st way)

Story, narrate, comment, message (2nd way)

Suppose, if, what if

Temple, synagogue

Test, exam, quiz

Thief, crook, burglar, bandit (can be done 1 or 2 hands)

Traffic, bumper to bumper traffic, gridlock