Chapter 22 Focused Review

Addicted to, hooked on

Against, sue, oppose, versus

Basic, bottom, basement

Bell, alarm, ring

Broke, bankrupt, no money

Careless, reckless, sloppy, negligent

Chapter, unit, module, lesson

Client, consumer, customer


Committee, counsel, congress

Conflict, crisis

Constitution, commandments


Deflate, flat tire

Do, action, activity, deed, behave (1st way)

Do, action, activity, deed, behave (2nd way)


Embarrass, blush, flush

Blush (Red + Embarrass)

Equipment (note: Can also be initialized with "E")

Force, coerce, compel, “make”

Friendly, amiable, cheerful, pleasant, cool

Go steady, dating

Holiday, retire, vacation, time off, idle, recess, “off”

Ignorant, dumb

Include, altogether

Invent, create, make up, pretend

Lead, guide

Nature, natural, of course, normal

Opposite, enemy, allergy

Patience, endure, put up with

President, superintendent

Reject, cast off

Report, respond, reply

Report, respond, reply (initialized)


Rock, stone

So far, since, been, all along, up until now

Soap, detergent


Strong, healthy, well

Subject, theme, quotes

Summary, abbreviate, condense

Wear, clothes