Chapter 19 Focused Review

Approximately, around, about, more or less

Brag, boast, show off

Cancel, call off

Coax, urge, persuade, convince, talk into (1st way)

Coax, urge, persuade, convince, talk into (2nd way)

Commute, back and forth, “go”


Evidence, proof, fact

Explain, describe, directions

Forward, get along, proceed, move on, onward

Honest, truth, sincere

Incline, tendency, trend, usually

Land, property

Mock, make fun of, tease, ridicule

Patience, put up with, endure

Peace, silent, calm

Plan, prepare, organize

Realize, notice, spot, detect, witness

Record (audio)

Record (video)

Report, respond, reply, answer

Sick of, fed up with

Spend, pay

Sorry, apologize, regret

Strong, healthy, mighty

Surprise, amaze, astonished

Tie, knot

Trouble, worry, tribulation

Trust, confidence, faith, confident

Waste, throw away, squander

Whiskey, liquor, booze, alcohol