Chapter 15 Focused Review

affect, effect

almost, nearly

ambitious, assertive, aggressive

back, return

bathe, bath


brag, show off

build, construct

challenge, dare

choose, pick, select, sample

compete, contest, race, rivalry, sports, athletics, go against


deposit, down payment


dismiss, lay off, excused, release

eager, industrious, can't wait, Methodist, enthusiastic, motivated


favorite, rather, prefer

feel, emotions, sense

fill up

give up, forfeit, relinquish, surrender, yield

go steady, dating

good at, skill, talent, expert

grass, hay

hide, conceal


invent, create, make up, pretend

investigate, look into, check

laid back, chill, down to earth

live, address, alive, reside, survive

mobile, commute, back and forth, "go"

off, extinguish

order, command, direct

patience, put up with, endure

practice, train, drill, exercise, rehearse

raise, grow up, all my life

refuse, won't, decline

revenge, get even with, vengeance

review (1)

review (2)

secret, classified, private

shape, figure, form, image, sculpture, statue

silly, foolish, ridiculous, folly

snitch, tell on, tattle

to list, fill out a form

trick, betray, deceive, defraud, con, fool

vacation, holiday, retire, idle, time off, leave

worry, trouble, tribulation