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Welcome! We are glad you are interested in learning Sign Language!
Below are the most common questions asked about this class.

If you still have questions after reading below, feel free to
email the teacher at

Who teaches the class?

The class is taught by Enrique D. Pereira, a nationally certified sign language interpreter with over 20 years of experience interpreting and working in the Deaf community. He can be reached via email at miamiinterpreter@gmail.com

Where are the classes held?


When are classes held?


How much does the class cost?

NOTHING! The class is 100% FREE for anyone who would like to come learn.

Is this a class for beginners?

Yes, you do not need any previous experience or knowledge of sign language to come. The class begins with the very basics and more!

How can I stay informed with the latest about the class?

Join our class text message group, it's easy and free. You will only receive messages sent my the teacher regarding the class.
To join, simply send the message @ffasl1 to the number 81010 and you will automatically be added to the teacher's text message list.
Any announcements regarding the class, Deaf events, and related information will be automatically sent to you through text message!
For more details, see out contact info page above.

Is there an advance sign language class available?

Yes. There is another sign language class taught at a different time for students who have a background in sign language or have taken basic sign language in the past and would like to increase their skills to a higher level. Contact the teacher for more details if interested.

What is taught in this class?

American Sign Language, not only signs but all aspects of the language such as grammar, syntax, and aspects of Deaf culture.

How long do the classes run?

The class begins every January and goes every Wednesday through the year ending right before Christmas. For specific dates, see the Schedule link above.

Do I need to register or sign-up?

No. Just show up and enjoy.

How can I improve my skills in sign language?

The most important part in become fluent in American Sign Language is exposure! This involves watching and being around sign language as much as possible. Students are encouraged to not only attend class but attend Deaf social events in the community and whenever possible watch Sign Language interpreters in action. During the class, upcoming Deaf events will be announces and students will be encouraged to attend. They will be posted on the class calendar as well. To stay informed of all Deaf events in the Miami area, visit www.MiamiDeaf.com or follow MiamiDeaf on Instagram and Facebook.

Where can I watch sign language interpreters?

By attending Deaf social events, students will have a chance to meet and become friends with Deaf people and sign language interpreters as well. For a full list of Deaf events, visit www.MiamiDeaf.com. The teacher of the class (Enrique) is also the head sign language interpreter of Forward Fellowship Church and interprets all church services in American Sign Language. Church services are Sundays from 11AM to 12:30PM and Wednesday night (after sign language class) from 8:00PM to 9:30PM. These services are a great opportunity to not only watch  a sign language interpreter in action but also meet and socialize with the Deaf individuals attending the services.

Is it too late for me to join?

It is never too late to start. Classes are taught live on Wednesdays but review videos are posted online to review and/or learn what you've missed.

Can I invite others to come?

Yes! We encourage anyone who is interested in learning sign language to come.

Do I have to be a member of the church?

No. Although several members from the church attend the class, membership to our church is not required. The classes are open to anyone in the community who would like to learn!

Are there any other costs involved with the class?

No. You are not required to buy anything to take the class, it is 100% FREE.

Are there opportunities for me to practice with Deaf people?

Yes! The teacher will be informing the class of any Deaf events that occur throughout the year. These events are a great opportunity to socialize with Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals who use Sign Language. The event are also posted in the class calendar.

Remember, if you still have any questions not answered here, feel free to
email the professor at
miamiinterpreter@gmail.com or call our church office at (305) 918-4545
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